I am an LA-based writer and creative producer (she/her)

I currently work in the audiobook division of Penguin Random House. More recently, I was staffed in the writers room for the animated hit, ā€˜The Hero Insideā€™ on HBO Max (CJ ENM).

I spent two years with LooseWorld Entertainment as an Associate Creative Producer, developing and producing TV and branded content. As a producer, my films have premiered at Austin, Hollyshorts, and SCAD.

I am repped by World Builder Entertainment and specialize in developing IP, YA projects, histories, animation, and contemporary dramas centered around crime. Iā€™m interested in telling coming of age, trauma, loss, and addiction stories -- or, simply feel-good animation when all of that gets too heavy.

In sync licensing and music, I have sung for campaigns from Pandora to SyFy's Chucky. I love singing and writing music, and am working on developing a musical.

I'm a former Ohioan, current Los Angelino, and studied at RADA and Denison. You can find me reading in the park, jogging, or touring Italy with my husband.

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  • TV Drama / Feature
  • Animation
  • Horror and Crime
  • Period
  • YA
  • Plays
  • Novels

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rep // nick terry

World Builder Entertainment

direct // Flannery maney

flannerymaney at gmail